Leviticus Teaching Series

Mt. Sinai, where God gave the law to Moses (From BiblePlaces.com Image Library [Logos Bible Software])
The Book of Leviticus is a closed book to many Christians, and even to many Pastors. That’s too bad – you’ll never understand the Book of Hebrews if you don’t understand Leviticus. To be more blunt, you’ll never really understand Jesus Christ until you understand this book, either.

Because Leviticus is so important, I’m recording a series of short lessons about this wonderful book. They’ll progress chapter by chapter until the end. My pitiful audio lessons shouldn’t be mistaken for scholarly work – they’re not! But, if they help Christians understand what the eternal Son of God did in His life, death, burial and resurrection, then I’ll be happy.

All About Burnt Offerings (Leviticus 1)