• Alpha & Omega Ministries. The apologetics ministry of James White, a Reformed Elder out of Phoenix, AZ. Great printed and audio resource for Mormonism, Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Islam.
  • Canon Fodder. Website of Dr. Michael Kruger, President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Outstanding resource on defending the preservation and transmission of Scripture.
  • Apologetics315. Probably the most extensive and exhaustive apologetics resource on the web. This means there is a wide variety of material there by a lot of different people; some really good, some bad, encompassing a wide variety of theological positions. Use discernment!
  • Christian Classics Etheral Library. This site is literally a goldmine. It’s a massive repository of old, out of print classics that are a treasure-trove for Christians, whether you’re doing research or just looking for devotional material. All the church fathers are here along with thousands of other books. Too much to list – just visit.
  • Dr. Reluctant. A good apologetics blog by the President of Telos Biblical Institute.
  • SharperIron. A fundamentalist blog site.

Books and Commentaries:

  • The Theocratic Kingdom. Massive, 3 vol. study of the Kingdom of God by George Peters, a 19th century Lutheran Pastor. Available in the public domain on PDF. Premillennial. Those who disagree with premillennialism will need to reckon with Peter’s work. (Volume #1), (Volume #2), (Volume #3).
  • God’ Revelations of Himself to Men.  Excellent, free book discussing God’s revelations to man through the dispensations.
  • Constable’s Bible Notes. Complete scholarly notes on the entire Bible by a longtime Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dispensational.
  • A Manual of Church History, by Albert H. Newman. Older, excellent history of Christianity up to 19th century. Free in 2 vols. (Volume #1), (Volume #2).
  • History of the Christian Church, by George Fisher. Another free, older church history text to the 19th century.

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