About Evangelism

St. Paul Preaches to the Bereans (from a mosaic in modern-day Veria)

Evangelism is important. It’s why God saves Christians (see 1 Peter 2:4-10). It’s a individual Christian’s most basic job. It’s a congregation’s most basic job. But, to be honest, most Christians don’t share the Gospel.

Why not? There are several reasons. I’ll name a few:

  1. Christians are often not taught how to do this in a thorough, systematic, substantive way.
  2. Christians are often taught a cheap, pre-scripted “presentation” method to share the Gospel. These are well-meaning but often worthless. They quickly become scripts the Christian wants to “get through” in order to “close the deal.”
  3. Some churches have completely abandoned the Bible’s command to actively evangelize the lost. They often content themselves with vague calls to “tell people about Jesus,” but do nothing to explain and teach how to do this. These churches are deliberately disobedient, and deserve to die.
  4. Some churches have abandoned biblical evangelism for a “seeker-sensitive,” watered-down, “wimpy” approach. They seek to “friendship” people to faith, and live in fear of offending anybody. To be sure, Christians should do everything possible to avoid being deliberately offensive. But, here is the truth – the Gospel is offensive. You have to tell them the Gospel, and that will make some people upset.

So, this page will serve as my own launching pad for some good resources and topics on evangelism. It won’t have all the answers, of course. But, it’ll have some good resources I think people will find helpful.

Teaching on Evangelism

How to Share the Gospel with Kids

The teaching notes (22 pages) are here.