Seeking God Day by Day

Ps 119

Many people assume that “seeking God” is something that only lost people do. That’s wrong.

Psalms 119:10 With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.

Christians should always be seeking to know God better:

  • to love Him more,
  • to serve Him more faithfully,
  • to be a more willing and eager slave for His righteousness,
  • to be vessels that He can mold and shape for His own purposes

In short, it is a basic and fundamental duty for a Christian to be a slave for Christ.  This means a Christian should be continually seeking the Lord with everything he (or she) has. More than that, it means a Christian should be in prayer for the courage and conviction to not wander far from God’s word.

Do you seek God with everything you have? The psalmist isn’t interested in a passive, apathetic, convenient and lazy kind of faith – he loves the Lord and seeks Him with his whole heart. If you’re seeking Him with your whole heart, you’ll be willing to cleanse your life by taking heed according to God’s word – no matter how difficult it might be.

The excuses and lame justifications that might have held you back before should be meaningless to you now – if they’re not meaningless, your duty is to echo the psalmist’s prayer and ask God to make those excuses meaningless to you!

Obedience to the God’s word is more important than friendships, loyalties, warm fuzzy memories, and anything else in this world. If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you’ve come between a rock and a hard place before, and in that moment as you stood there at the fork in the road, you knew what the right thing was to do. That’s not the hard part – the hard part are the pathetic justifications and sinful “what if” scenarios that pop into your mind.

Let me urge you to adopt my patented three-step self-test questionnaire whenever you come to a fork in the road again, and you have to decide between the Bible and your own personal feelings and loyalties:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Ask yourself – what does God’s word say to do about this problem?
  3. Ask yourself – why am I still even still conflicted about this?

You must be merciless about this, and that requires courage and determination. Some people would call this attitude “cold-blooded” and callous – I call it obedience, and so would the psalmist.

If you read God’s word, understand it, and deliberately decide to ignore it, then Christ is not Lord of your life, you are – there is no gentle way to put that!

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