Storing Up God’s Word

Ps 119(11)

If you don’t know what God’s word says, then you can’t use it to cleanse your life. If you can’t use God’s word to cleanse your life, then you will be unholy, impure, rebellious and disobedient to Him. The Word of God is the sword the Holy Spirit uses to fight against wickedness, evil, temptation and sin in your life (cf. Eph 6:17). If you do not read the Bible, then . . .

  • you will not grow,
  • you will not cleanse your life,
  • and you will be a disgrace to God

The psalmist is describing such a depth of familiarity with the Word of God that he can speak of it as being hidden or stored up in his heart, preventing him from sinning against God. Let me say this emphatically:

  • Many Christians have absolutely no idea what their Bibles say
  • Many Christian do not read their Bibles
  • Many Christians do not hide God’s word in their hearts
  • Many Christians live their Christian lives on the basis of a potpourri soup of sermons, anecdotes and traditions they’ve inherited – not on what the Bible actually says

All this means their conduct may or may not be governed by God’s word, and when God’s word is brought to bear clearly and accurately to settle an uncomfortable situation . . . they become upset, agitated, unsure of themselves, angry and defensive – because their potpourri soup of inherited tradition and half-remembered bad sermons is being directly challenged by God’s word – and that makes people angry!

If you don’t read God’s word and internalize it (all of His word, not just the convenient parts) . . .

  • then you won’t hide it in your heart,
  • then you won’t obey it because you don’t know what it is,
  • then you’re telling God you prefer your potpourri of tradition to His inspired word,
  • you won’t be cleansing your life,
  • you won’t be taking heed to His word,
  • and you’ll be a disgrace to Him

The psalmist understands all this – it’s why he’s saying what he’s saying. He doesn’t want to be like that. Do you?

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