Nasty Sinners, Little Babies and Mystery Milk – Peter on the Christian Life

Here, in the picture below, is tomorrow’s passage for Sunday School! Some real food for thought about how Christians are supposed to interact with each other in a church. So many questions to answer:

  • What, exactly, do these sins look like? What are they?
  • Why do they happen so often?
  • What can we, as Christians, do about these problems in our personal lives, and in our corporate lives as members of a church?
  • What is this “genuine, pure milk?” Why does the KJV add ” . . . of the word” to the end of that phrase, even though it’s not there in Greek?
  • How do you “taste” that the Lord is good?

What are the answers? Well, you’ll just have to WAIT, won’t you . . . !?

1 peter 2

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