What is the Central Theme of the Bible?

There are lots of opinions on how to summarize the story of reality God gives us in the Bible. Mike Vlach argues “kingdom” is the grand theme of Scripture, which I first encountered at Seminary and through Alva McCain’s book. Indeed, Vlach’s new release is often seen as supplanting McClain’s tome as the premier biblical theological study on the Kingdom of God, from a dispensational perspective.

I agree that “kingdom” is the main theme of the Bible. Here is Vlach’s summary of the Bible’s storyline with “kingdom” as the theme (pg. 23):

2 thoughts on “What is the Central Theme of the Bible?

  1. The page you reproduced says its “centered and anchored in Jesus.” If Vlach had said this as the theme, I believe, he would have been more accurate. “Kingdom” is too impersonal according to my reading of the bible. Furthermore, it is a synthetic concept derived, it seems, artificially, by treating the bible as a textbook.
    Sure, he mentions the “Seed of the woman” but doesn’t realize its the theme, organically derived. The sentence upon the serpent, given in a riddle, comprises what the rest of the bible contains. This must be the theme. God imposes a sentence and it is carried out.

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